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I just wanted to say hello and a very warm welcome you to my site, my name is Shush Arya and I have been in the home business arena since September 2003. I have been blessed to have created massive success in both network marketing and internet marketing. I have been working exclusively from home full-time (20-30 hours a week is full time to me) since 2007.  You can read about my background and story on the bio page.

After 12 years in the network marketing industry ( also called Multi Level Marketing or MLM) I can tell you I am absolutely passionate about it, I love it and I love how it can positively change the lives of everyday people giving them Time freedom & Financial Freedom. Most people have either Time or Money but never both at the same time. They are either stuck in the 40-40-40 system ie. working for 40 years for 40 hrs a week to retire on 40% of what they could not survive on while they were working, or they have high paying jobs which they trade all their hours for with no quality time for themselves or their families.

When I was shown Network Marketing for the first time back in 1993 I got very excited by the concept and business model and the idea I could create a leveraged residual income. However I did not get involved at that time simply because the company was Amway and the product was household products & that did not excite me or resonate with me. But that introduction to the business model proved to be significant at it remained in the back of my mind for years until the timing became right for me in 2003.

Network marketing now literally runs through my veins :) I have coached, mentored and spoken to literally thousands of people in my network marketing businesses all over the world in the past few years and my mission now is to help others to success & to create freedom in thier lives.

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping someone succeed in transforming their life through network marketing just as I did. When I look back at how my life was completely broken and how broke and in debt I was when I got started, I know exactly how it feels to be a newbie. I had little or no self esteem, belief or confidence in the beginning but I had a burning desire to change my life. I worked super hard and stayed coachable to make it work for me to gain the freedom I have today despite all the challenges, obstacles, set backs, failures and mistakes I made along the way.

Network Marketing has enabled me to pursue my greatest passion of Travel and also introduced me to another passion of Personal Development and Success thinking.

Through this site my goal will be to share Network Marketing tips to help others avoid the many mistakes I made along my journey. Whether you are involved in the same MLM Network Marketing Opportunity as me or are involved in other Network Marketing Opportunities my wish is for you to get value from what I share to help you succeed.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Loves Network Marketing

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad

Back in 2002 I read a book called Rich Dad Poor Dad which literally changed my whole thinking and taught me about how Rich people think and act, leveraging teams of people and leveraging money to accumulate wealth with an end goal of having freedom against how Poor people trade time for money with an end goal of surviving. In researching the right vehicle for changing my life, Rich Dad Poor dad showed me how network marketing fitted in the “B” or Business System sector of the cashflow quadrant.

In this video below the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki explains brilliantly how network marketing can be the ideal choice for someone looking to pursue a home-based business.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Video On Why Network Marketing

Understanding Leverage the Rich Dad Poor Dad way

After I understood this concept of leverage, I realized as hard as I worked there was a limit of about 70-80 hours a week I could work and be paid for on my own efforts in building somebody else’s dream. If I built a team of ten people through network marketing who put in 10 hours to build their network marketing business I would have 100 hours a week going into building my business. If I built a team of 100 working 10 hours a week I would have 1,000 hours a week going into building my business. Likewise if I built a team of 1,000 working 10 hours a week I would have 10,000 hours a week going into building my business, income, future and freedom. Thats the equivalent of having 250 full time 40 hour a week employees working with me to build my business.

The penny dropped for me that if I could make this work I could compact 40 years of working into 3-4 years and create a residual, passive, pension type income as opposed to working the 40-40-40 plan making a linear income trading my time for money. This concept literally blew me away and I made a decision that I was going to make it work for me and I was going to help many others so the same.

So the question you might have for me is why have you been so successful Shush, when so many others have failed and quit the network marketing industry. Let me list some key reasons:

1. I developed undying belief that network marketing (MLM) worked and I would make it work for me despite any challenges. This was done by studying the top 10 MLM companies as well as new companies. I looked at how they created success, how the top leaders got success, what recruiting systems they used, what marketing tools they used, how they trained their reps and how they recognized their teams.

2. I was careful to choose a company and products that I could totally believe in and I could speak to my friends and family about without any embarrassment or cringe factor. No different to if I was raving about a great film I’d seen, a new gadget I bought or great restaurant I had been to that I wanted to share with my friends and family about.

3. I treated the business seriously despite investing less than $400 in starting up. When I achieved $500 per month in income through my network marketing home-based business this gave me the belief I could build a six figure annual income.

4. I “stayed close to fire” with the people making a success of the business that I wanted to copy. This meant listening to conference calls, watching webinars, attending local and company events. I knew that if they could do it I could also do it with time, effort and the right business skills.

5. I had mentors. Initially they were virtual mentors through books, audios and videos and eventually as I proved myself and started creating success Millionaire mentors came into my life and coached my to become better, faster. Having coaches and mentors speed up your learning & success.

6. I never quit. People QUIT in all aspects of life, work, businesses, sports, music & professions simply because they did not have the courage, guts and determination to fulfill their dreams. They never did what it takes to succeed. This means paying a price of sacrifice. The way I saw it was I would have to work anyway so I might as well work in building my dreams, future and freedom.

7. I took consistent, persistent action and gave it time. I have seen so many people start home businesses expecting instant success for no work at all. So many buy into the hype and bullshit that your going to make boatloads of money for no work. This simply is not true. With the right team, mentors, goals, attitude and action you will succeed. The key thing is you give yourself and the business time to succeed.

8. I constantly reminded myself WHY I became involved in the first place. That was because back in 2003 I was sick of my life, sick of working like a dog, sick of barely surviving, sick of being in debt & sick of having no quality of life. I was ready to change my life and fight for my freedom.

Are you looking for The Right Home-Based Business?

If the idea of starting up in a home business appeals to you and you would like to discuss with me the possibilty of working directly with me then please contact me if you are one of the following:

1. You are a newbie and want to start a home business and want to work with the right mentor.

2. You have already been involved in an MLM or network marketing home business and love the concept but have not achieved the success you desired because you have lost faith in your company, products or do not have the right upline support.

3. You are a Network Marketing leader and you are looking for a new home for your team but want to partner with the right leader and right company who will help support your team to achieve maximum success.

I can't guarantee that my business opportunity and product (Travel) will resonate with you and be a fit for you, but lets have an initial discussion on what your needs are, what you are looking for and how I may be able to help you.

I would ecourage you to read an article I wrote called 4 Core Values Needed For Network Marketing Success to help you avoid Scams and show you how to get to success.

CLICK HERE  to find out more about how you can work with me and be mentored by me directly.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and possibly even working with you closely to help you and the people you know realize your dreams.

To help you with your journey I would like to offer you a FREE copy of my eBook
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