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“Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.”

Hello there! Its My Pleasure To Meet You… I Am Shush Arya

If you have arrived here seeking how to create success in your Network Marketing Business and want to create a full-time residual income, then you are in the right place.

I know you can absolutely build the life of your dreams, I’ve helped thousands of people around the world do that already, I’d love you to be the next, here’s my story…

At the time of writing this I have been involved in the Network Marketing profession for 17 years. Just before I get into my story of how my life was back then and why I started, let me share my current lifestyle and some of my results:-

Nominated in 2012 as UK DSA (Direct Selling Association) Direct Seller of the Year.
Personally recruited 600+ new members into my Network Marketing teams.
Top Income earner in the UK & International Leader with my current company.
No.2 income earner in my first Network Marketing Company 2003 til 2009.
Fastest International Diamond distributor for my 2nd MLM company (4 months) in 2007.
Member of the Presidents Council in 3 different network marketing companies
Sit on the International Advisory council (IAC) of my current network marketing company.
50 plus Vacations/Holidays in the last 7 years.
Author of the eBook The Residual Income Manifesto.
Most Important Total time Freedom to spend with my family, Loved Ones & Team.

My passion is teaching fellow home business entrepreneurs like you to succeed in getting sales, recruiting, duplicating and building a full-time network marketing business, as well as travel around the world speaking on stage taking life into people.

I have travelled and built extensively with my great friend Matt Morris, Multi-Millionire author of The Unemployed Millionaire.

There’s so many techniques and tactics to teach you that are proven to get results time and time again. I outline my blueprint for success in my eBook The Residual Income Manifesto.  Regardless of your results to date or budget and no matter how busy your schedule I can teach you how to succeed in your home business and how to fit it around your day-to-day life.

How It All Began For Me...

Back in 2003 after working 15 years in Electrical Retail for a Company called Dixons Group in the UK, through some bad business decisions, bad investments, and the stock market crash of 2000, I ended up in heavily in debt and also had a massive mortgage. Despite working a full time job of 40 hours in 4 days and another 40 hours in my computer business 2-3 days a week, I still could not pay my bills. I was getting £500 ($750) further into debt every month and was literally sweating in bed every night wondering how on earth I was going to survive. I had a young family my sons being 3 and 11 whom I hardly ever saw. I had no money, no time, no quality of life, no lifestyle and was mega stressed out. I knew I had to find a way to change my life and situation.

In Sept 2003 I did a Google search for “internet business opportunity” and found a network marketing home business with a product of broadband internet (ADSL).  I decided to get started with the business because the investment was just £250 ($375) using the last bit of limit on a credit card.  I thought to myself, all I had to lose if I failed was a few hundred dollars and some of my time. But if I made it work, I could gain my life back. The idea of building a business part time for 3-5 years that would pay me an ongoing residual income was what made me get to work and take it super serious.

10 years previous to this I was introduced to network marketing when someone showed me a company called Amway. Although I did not pursue Amway because the household products did not excite me, I was totally sold on the idea of the network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business model. I got excited by the fact I could build a residual income leveraging the power of a team and helping them also reach their goals. The only reason why I looked at it was the lady who showed me, Dr. Tina, was a top Consultant Doctor & her husband was a TV Producer. The couple already earned multiple 6 figures incomes in their jobs, lived in a Million-pound house in Reigate, Surrey and had huge credibility. I figured if they were involved then there must be something in it.

My first 6 Months

In my first 6 months I totally crashed and burned. In all honesty, when I started in my home business career, I had the odds totally stacked against me to succeed. Back then as I was working 70-80 hours a week, I only had 4 hours a week to get started (This was one of the main things I wanted to change). Then I had massive resistance from my partner at the time who could not understand why I wanted to take on an extra commitment, especially as we had a young family. Lastly, I was a total newbie having never done a home based business before, I had zero marketing experience, and at the time my confidence and self esteem was at an all time low.

Despite all these things, I was still super determined to change my life and was not going to let anything or anyone stand in my way. In April 2004 I decided to attend a company Training Seminar put on by my network marketing company. Barely struggling to afford the $30 ticket and the cost of getting to the event, I decided to go at the last minute. I figured I had little to lose as things just were not working out for me despite me. It was at this event I met Peter Powderham who opened up my eyes to a whole new world that I never knew existed. He was a totally down to earth guy (former London Motorcycle Police man) who had no formal education but was making more in a month in residual income than most people were making in a year slaving away. Peter would in time become my mentor and great friend. That was the day everything changed for me.

Leveraging The Internet

Because I rediscovered network marketing by doing an online search, it made me realise there are Millions of people around the world who are looking online for a change in their life just as I was. Every year more and more people are using the internet. Now over 3 Billion people using the internet globally with over a billion people using Facebook alone. This is why today my preferred method of building my network marketing business is online. Yes I still meet people in person, yes I still attend opportunity meetings and build offline as well, but my passion is building online. In the past few years the landscape of network marketing has changed massively because of technology and huge success is being creating merging online marketing and network marketing.

In 2006 I stumbled across a book called Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard and that changed everything for me. This was the first book that taught a concept called Attraction Marketing where you build your personal brand by giving people value through helping them solve problems in their businesses. By implementing what this book taught along with leveraging online strategies I have been able to have sponsored hundreds of people online which has helped me to become a top income earner in every company I have been involved in. In that process I have helped countless of others like you do the same.

My Life Today

Every day I have a feeling of immense gratitude for the freedom network marketing has given me and the decision I made to start in 2003. Since 2008, when I quit the Rat Race, I have been able to work from home or anywhere with a wifi connection living off a residual income. I now travel at least one a month which is my passion. This was an impossible dream just a few years ago.

In 2008 I made it my life's mission to pay it forward and help as many people in the world get their freedom through network marketing just as I have done.

Part of my travels including being invited to speak, coach and train people all around the world on how to create success in their network marketing businesses.

Pictured right I was speaking in front of 4,500 people at the Excel London for a Company training event in February 2014.

My passion is Living Life full-time and helping other people do the same. 

I enjoy Happiness, Health and Prosperity and I love to share this with others. I believe that we live in an abundant world that can give us anything we work for.

What is YOUR DREAM and what do YOU wish for?

You CAN Do It Too (How To Create Success)!

Something that Network Marketing and the amazing mentors I still work with to grow is focus on what you can control… your actions!

I continue to learn and improve my skills with consistent action and implementation so I can teach others to get success. Despite countless challenges I faced along my journey I just kept going never losing sight of the life I wanted to lead. You have to do the same.

Here’s a list of the top 5 ways I personally went from 500k in debt to 5 figure months and how you can create your own success too:-

You Can Make Money Or Excuses (Never Both) – When you want it bad enough you’ll find a way.
Persistent & Consistent Hard Work Beats Talent – Until I acquired the right skills, no one outworked me, that is the only thing I can control and so can you.
Become A Student Of Success – Your success is a direct result of the person you are. When you invest in education and personal development you improve and so do your results.
Choose The Right Mentors – There are many people giving advice on how to succeed, the people worth listening to are the ones that have the results you want and have the lifestyle you want. There are also many people giving advice even though they never made it themselves. Make sure you listen to the right people.
Give Value – A major reason to build online is to reach so many more people with your message, help those people by solving their problems and in turn build your business ethically and exponentially.

Jefferson is one of my business partners.

It’s Just About Making A Decision To Win

I realised back in 2003 that if I did not make a change in my life then nothing would change and that would be my lot for the next 20-30 years. At that time this notion made me feel physically sick.

If you are dissatisfied with you current situation there are some decisions you have to make:

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of not having enough time, not having enough money and not living a fulfilled life you have to decide to do something different. The great thing about network marketing is you can start part time. I have helped people with as little as 30 minutes a day create successful businesses.
If you are already in a network marketing business and have been loyal to it for  some time but have just been spinning your wheels then take a long hard look at whether it is the right vehicle for you. I have been in a company myself when I had to make a tough decision to walk away and find something new as my faith was lost in that company.
Finally you have to make a decision to take action. When I sponsor a new person I look for people who are coachable, hungry to make it work and are prepared to take persistent, consistent action. I am careful in choosing who I will work with.

The challenge comes from understanding we don’t know what we don’t know.  You may feel big results & success are for “other people” and that you couldn’t possibly achieve the same or greater, incorrect!

I had all the odds stacked against me to make it, zero experience, very limited time, no money, nagging spouse but my hunger to change my life drove me to action and I made a decision to see it through till the end. The question is where do YOU go from here?

I know there is a giant within you, I am passionate about network marketing and I know with the right tactics, mentorship, taking action, surrounding you with the right connections and inspiration, just like myself and so many others I’ve helped you can become a champion in Network Marketing & in life too!

What I want you to do first of all is be open to accept that…

YOU can become a big success, YOU can hit the top rank in your company, YOU can be on stage sharing how YOU turned things around & YOU can achieve what we both know is in you somewhere and that is to WIN!

Sometimes you have to believe in the belief that another has in you before your own belief kicks in!

I believe in you, I believe in Network Marketing, I believe in what I teach and I believe and hope you’ll use my story, this website and all the value I share with you so that one day you will contact me and you can share what a huge superstar in life and home business you are!

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