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I believe that with the right mentors and mindset anybody can achieve network marketing success. The people worth listening to are those who have already got the results and lifestyle you want and I have made it my goal to constantly better myself so I can help others with their online network marketing business opportunity.

Let’s look back at my online coaching session with Peter Powederham where we discuss our journeys to network marketing success. Many of you know the story of how I got started and Peter changed my life. I got started on my online marketing business opportunity in September 2003 and I didn’t have a clue what I was going to do. For the first 6 months, I had low self-esteem, I was working 80 hour weeks and I was desperate to change my life but it just wasn’t happening.

But, things changed in April 2004 when a training session in Heathrow came up and Peter was the trainer. I had to borrow £20 to even get there but it was so worth it. I was totally blown away. Peter is just a normal guy that I could relate to he grew up on a council estate and so did I, he had normal jobs but back then his network marketing success was making him a residual passive income of around £35,000 a month. 

You can hear more from me and Peter in our latest interview.

At the end of the meeting, I introduced myself to Peter and asked what I needed to do to make £5,000 a month within 5 years. He said go away and enthusiastically and with good energy, share the business with 500 people in the next 6 months and I made the decision that day that I was going to do it and hit the goal – and it did it in 4 years. I always say that it’s about making the decision to win and it’s so true. Peter completely changed my life and gave me the push I needed to thrive. 

Peter is such a great example of how great mentoring can change your mindset and this is how to succeed in network marketing. To date, he is the highest earning representation in UK MLM history which has now made him a multi-millionaire. Despite my lengthy introduction for Peter, this is a great learning curve as to how introductions can lead to networking marketing success. Peter describes it as the grandfather principle – in short, reaffirming the power of experience. In three-way calls, you can use this technique to share the success and milestones that your colleagues have reached and attract new members to network marketing.

Peter describe the online network marketing business opportunity as a ticket to freedom and getting your life back and although he was taking a step back from networking marketing, in 2009 he saw the potential in World Ventures. One of the things that make it work is the passion for the product and passion that people have for each other, to take those inevitable knockbacks you need your friends and colleagues to pull you forward and understand that you are part of something. If you do not go to training events then you do not embrace the energy and power of the organization. Grasp every opportunity you can and you’ll have the tools to achieve networking marketing success. 

Believe and embrace everything that an online network marketing business opportunity offers and you can succeed!

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Shush Arya
Shush Arya

Shush is a top International expert in Network Marketing. Over his 16 plus years in the industry his achievements include being nominated in 2012 as UK DSA (Direct Selling Association) Direct Seller of the Year, joint no.1 International income earner with his current company 2011 till current, fastest International Diamond distributor for VM Direct (4 months) in 2007 and no.2 income earner in Tiscali Network 2005 til 2009. Shush has helped thousands of people all over the world create success in the the home business industry.

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