At a time when almost everyone uses social media, you’d be missing out on big opportunities if you didn’t make the most network marketing groups on Facebook. Not only is it a great way of finding new prospects but the platform can also be used for training your team and sharing knowledge.

There are a few different types of network marketing groups including groups that you join to find potential new team members or service users, your own group for new prospects and a group for your current team members – all three are just as important as each other.

What are the benefits of Network Marketing Groups on Facebook?

Social media has a huge influence over all aspects of people’s lives so why not use it to your advantage in online network marketing? You can reach out to people from all over the world and find individuals with similar interests, goals and values.

Here’s why network marketing groups are beneficial:

You can find new team members

Facebook is a great way of entering the cold market. Think about how many active users there are on Facebook and how many of them could become new members of your team! Having a good Facebook profile can make you appear more authentic and encourage people to be more open about the opportunity you’re offering them.

Facebook groups can help you train people

With your own Facebook group, you can make training your team much easier. Use Facebook live, create videos, polls, posts and more to keep people engaged. With everybody in one place, you can kill 3 birds with one stone and ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of training. Get creative and your Facebook page will become a group full of wisdom.

Maintain community spirit

The beauty of online network marketing is that you can grow your business from home, but apart from training events, you need to maintain community spirit in other ways. Creating a Facebook group will capture some of the interactions you get when you meet in person. Interesting content will get people chatting, supporting and engaging with each other so your team will be stronger than ever.

Build company awareness 

How will people know about your business unless you’re putting yourself out there? Joining network marketing groups on Facebook to find like-minded people will build brand awareness, so even if the person you approach isn’t interested, they might recommend the opportunity to someone they know.

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