Despite the global Coronavirus pandemic network marketing is booming, despite the crisis, this economic environment for the majority is seen as a struggle, but within this industry it will create millionaires, people will create fortunes. Join me and multi millionaire Peter Powderham on this network marketing coaching video call.

This business gives people hope, it gives them a chance, something else to hold onto, a future of possibilities which they possibly haven’t currently got from their current job if they’re able to go back to their job, if it still exists after the lockdowns lift.

Peter has said this to many people outside of the industry and he recalls they look at him like he’s mad, They see only the negative, but in every downturn, and this is a big one, likely the biggest in over three hundred years, there is opportunity and likely the biggest opportunity we’ve seen in our lives. “From every opportunity comes a equal or greater opportunity.” ~ Peter Powderham #Quote

Take this technology being used at the moment, Zoom it is seven and a half billion dollars better off than it was at the beginning of the global pandemic, with three hundred million more new customers. Another example, Amazon has increased it’s share price by approximately fourteen percent in just three short weeks.

Peter is not suggesting that we are succeeding because other people are failing but that we are succeeding because we didn’t stop, because we didn’t lay down and accept defeat… there will be an end to this and globally we will sort this out and come through it, because of our mindset, our positive outlook.

I mentioned about where your focus goes your energy flows, if you focus on bad things, then that’s all you see, the bad things will expand and fill your vision. If you focus on the positive and then the positive will fill your vision the actions you take as a consequence will manifest positive outcomes.

Now getting back to the topic I want to talk about the financial benefits of being involved in this business and the financial ramifications for people in todays current and ongoing financial climate. People need a plan B a ways and means to produce more of a residual income, you can’t now rely on income from many investment or income from pensions. The network marketing has been recognised by many as an opportunity to create a residual ongoing passive income with very little up front investment. This money keeps on coming week after week, month after month, with consistent effort this business give you the opportunity, the plan B.

As a stark example Peter describes a real world example of a situation he experienced recently just to illustrate a point, he transferred 1.375 million into an interest bearing bank account, do you realise the interest that would be earned on this level of income… eleven pounds fourteen pence! Yes you heard that right £1,375,000 returned only £11.14 in one month 😳

The financial system is broken, so if you hoping to put money away and that was going to look after you, think again. The Bank of England is talking about negative interest rates, so if you choose to leave your money there in effect the bank will charge you for the privilege! I repeat the finial system for the everyday person is well and truly broken.

Now as a wake up call. It’s going to get worse, at the time of writing this we have upwards of three million unemployed in the UK, in the USA it’s far worse it’s currently around forty million. The reason our figures don’t look as bad bad is because in this country we have a furlough system where the governments pays out 80% of their wages… which ultimately we’ll all have to pay back through increased taxes over time. In the short term though as the lockdowns come to an end and people begin to go back to work, many of them are going to find that they don’t have a job to go back to! Peter estimates there maybe as many as four to five million people out of work in the United Kingdom.

Peter recalls an article discussed on Radio 4 in the UK about Network Marketing those both for and against the concept… But what they all agreed upon was that Network Marketing had as an industry has grown by as much as three hundred percent globally in the space of just two months! The conclusion was that because it’s direct selling from the comfort of you home and they’re discovering that it isn’t difficult! So we as a company and an industry as a whole that Direct Selling as opposed to every other industry currently is growing week by week, month by month… We can safely say this direct selling / network marketing is the future and it is clearly what’s working now.

Direct Selling has a great deal of credibility existing globally in over 200 countries and there are approximately 1.2 million distributors / representatives involved in network marketing. Some of the biggest named billionaires are associated with network marketing, investing in and endorsing the industry. Examples of which are Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad on the Oprah Winfrey Show talking about and endorsing Network Marketing. Tony Robbins is another supporter of Network Marketing, these people have huge credibility and wouldn’t put their names and reputations to something that laced credibility or efficacy.

Please watch the to the end of the video where Peter teaches all about expectations and how they’re key to your success. Or you can view a quick summary of the 6 Expectations it’s gold!

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