Most people don’t realise how powerful Instagram network marketing is but with people of all ages, interests and backgrounds enjoying the platform, it’s a great tool for generating new leads. Not only is it easy to use but with a stellar network marketing Instagram bio, consistency and a growing knowledge of how it works you can strike gold!

Here’s how to create an effective profile following top Instagram network marketing tips.

Why are top network marketers on Instagram?

Like many areas of network marketing, you have to have an open mind and the same applies to using social media. Even if you don’t currently use Instagram it’s so easy to set up and as long as you’re willing to adapt and learn you can see great results in a short amount of time.

How should you structure your Instagram page?

The layout and aesthetics of your Instagram page matter. When people visit your feed they’ll want to feel intrigued and inspired so put effort into your profile instead of throwing something together quickly with no thought behind it.

Choose a high-quality profile photo

You need a decent profile picture of just you so people who know who’s page it is – even better if you have a close-up or a photo of you smiling! You might want to take a photo that reflects your business such as yourself working on a laptop as this will start to introduce network marketing. Remember, a photo is worth a thousand words!

Create an easy to read bio

Your network marketing Instagram bio is a space where you can show people what you’re about and what you’re doing. Include a few points about yourself such as what you’re interested in i.e travel and where you’re based ensuring that each point is written on a new line so it’s easy to read. One of the best Instagram network marketing tips is to include a call to action in your bio such as ‘Want to build a business from your home or phone? DM or Whatsapp me to find out more’. That way people are more likely to reach out.
Share stories

Stories are a great way of keeping your page active. Sharing posts from your team members, inspirational quotes and testimonials will get people interested. Additionally, story highlights can categorise your stories, such as different travel locations, and show people what you’re up to.

Engage with your followers

Adding a call to action to your posts as well as your bio will encourage your followers to like a comment. The more engagement you have the better your posts will do on Instagram’s algorithm such as landing on the explore page where thousands of people can see it! Don’t forget to reply to comments too!

Use hashtags to find new leads

Use hashtags such as ‘travel’ or ‘positivity’ to find people who are also using these tags and are therefore interested in these topics. Like and comment on their photos before sending them a direct message relating to something on their page such as a place they recently visited. It’s a good idea to find people with no more than 10,000 followers as this will improve your response rate when you send them a message.

With consistency, you’ll build people’s trust and their word of mouth can attract new people to your Instagram network marketing page. Social media is now an important tool in all kinds of industries so don’t miss out on the influence it has on other people and potentially your business.

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