Network Marketing Does Not Work
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Working from home doing hours that suit you and the potential to earn an amazing salary when you put your mind to it, why wouldn’t you join an online network marketing company? However, no working from home opportunity is more misunderstood and demonised than network marketing, let’s dispel the myth that network marking does not work.

But, the truth is, the true network marketing definition is using person-to-person sales to build a team and sell products, resulting in getting paid due to the efforts of multiple levels. Simple really!  My network marketing business opportunity transformed my life because I gave the company a chance and made it work for me. 

If you want to see financial freedom, create your ideal lifestyle and most importantly, WIN then it’s time to find out the truth about network marketing. 

Network marketing is a pyramid scheme

Network marketing is an industry that can build amazing results. However, there is a common misconception that the network marketing world is full of scam artists. A legit online network marketing company is not a pyramid scheme. The main idea behind multi-level marketing is to grow a strong team of distributors for the product or service and you can then gain commission from your efforts and your team. There is always a valuable product or service behind the business.

On the other hand, pyramid schemes are illegal! There is no real product or service and participants attempt to make money by only recruiting new people – these schemes are often short-lived and will leave you out of pocket with nothing to show for it!  Legitimate network marketing companies must adhere to laws, including publishing average income statistics, not having inventory requirements, and offering refund options.

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Network marketing does not work

If you join a business and expect to have immediate success then you’re not being realistic. Any job, network marketing included, take time to see results. If you join a legal online network marketing company, you have to take responsibility for your efforts and contribute to you achieving what you want. When I first joined online network marketing I had to get into the right mindset and routine before I saw my life change.

When you look at the top 10 network marketing company in the world you’ll find that the most successful people did not give up. You cannot simply believe that a business does not work if you haven’t been dedicated to WINNING. There are hundreds of online network marketing success stories and you can join the list.

Only the people at the top make money

The whole premise of network marketing is that members can make any amount of money, regardless of where they are in the organization. Income is related to effort, not position. The belief that only the person at the top makes money more accurately describes a standard job! In what industry does a team member get the opportunity to earn a CEO wage? Your network marketing business opportunity will reward the quality of your work.

Plus, you can earn much more than you would in many other jobs. There is no hierarchy so if you focus and continue to reach each of your goals, you have an equal chance as anyone else to do well. That’s not to say that you’ll be on 6 figures in 6 months, but in time members can make any amount of money, regardless of where they are in the organisation. 

Are you ready to WIN? If you’re looking for something NEW and EXCITING, online network marketing could be the perfect opportunity for you. Work with me today and take the first step into FREEDOM!

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Shush Arya

Shush is a top International expert in Network Marketing. Over his 16 plus years in the industry his achievements include being nominated in 2012 as UK DSA (Direct Selling Association) Direct Seller of the Year, joint no.1 International income earner with his current company 2011 till current, fastest International Diamond distributor for VM Direct (4 months) in 2007 and no.2 income earner in Tiscali Network 2005 til 2009. Shush has helped thousands of people all over the world create success in the the home business industry.

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