Fail in Network Marketing

Why People Fail In Network Marketing

After 11 years in the Network Marketing industry I have come to realise three absolute factors that hinder so many people’s success.

  1. People are too comfortable in their lives and are not willing to get uncomfortable
  2. People expect instant results and after a little initial failure and loss of belief they stop sharing their business and products
  3. They do not take consistent, persistent action and do not develop the skills needed to succeed

Desire for change

We often say identifying WHY you started your business, is the driving factor to keep you going. One of my great friends Johnny Wimbrey, Hollywood celebrity coach and top leader in the industry states “if your WHY does not make you CRY, then it is not powerful enough.” I challenge you to really think about WHY you started your network marketing business in the first place and WHAT would it mean if you achieved success. WHAT IF after working your business for 3 years consistently you achieved say a residual income of $5,000 per month that was coming in every month in your sleep. Number 1, how would that make you feel, and number 2, how would that change your life? How would that affect your WHY?

Why Network Marketing?

People start a network marketing business for a number of different reasons which include the following:

  1. They want to better their life financially
  2. They want to spend more time with their friends and family
  3. They hate their jobs or solo businesses
  4. They are sick and tired of working just to pay bills and feel there is more to life
  5. They have dreams and passions which have been swept under the carpet because they neither have the time or the money to pursue them
  6. They may already be successful and want to have a purpose in their life to help others

The sad truth is too many people lose focus of their WHY and just go back to their comfortable, mediocre lives. Despite you knowing that your business works because you have seen so many normal everyday people succeed in your home business, you stop working.

So what differentiates you from those people. Let me tell you.

  1. Their desire to change their lives for the better was stronger than yours
  2. They did not let people saying NO to them stop them and did not let that rejection or other people’s opinions stop them from keeping on going
  3. They shared their network marketing business opportunity and product with urgency, excitement, enthusiasm, belief, passion and vision
  4. They just kept following the system repeatedly until they got the job done to hit their goals
  5. They got trained and were coachable by mentors

Does Network Marketing Pay Off?

If I could give you a magic pill that fast forwarded you to 3 years from now to your life once you achieved that $5,000 per month residual income, you would see that it is absolutely worth the effort, learning, action and rejection. For you that number could be $1,000 per month or $10,000 per month it does not matter just have an amount for you.

All I know is that the easy option will always be to quit, however I also know that if you want to have what others don’t, you have to do what others won’t.

To your success and freedom!

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