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I love sharing network marketing success stories because being inspired and hearing how other people are changing their lives is a great way of staying motivated. Today we chatted with Georgiana Mustata who personally signed 17 new personal team members at the beginning of 2020 using online network marketing strategies. 

Having met Georgiana at the Dubai training event her positive energy is amazing and it’s clear to see why her network marketing business is hitting new milestones. 

How long have you been involved in Network Marketing and what was your background before joining the industry?

I started in June last year, so around eight to nine months. I’m 29 and from Romania but I live in London from time to time. My background is in marketing and I did my masters in global financial trading although I was working as a massage therapist for almost nine years so I’ve always worked with people. I had to quit my job so I decided to take a break from work and pursue network marketing and I’ve now made it as a senior rep.

How did you find out about Network Marketing and why did you decide to join a business?

I have many interactions with people from the world of Network Marketing but nothing came of it. Then I connected with a sponsor on Facebook, we exchanged a few messages and he saw that I liked travelling. At the time I had just started travelling and I realised how much I liked it. It was something that I wanted to continue doing so I searched for opportunities and attracted the sponsor!

He mentioned going to LA for a training event and I love LA, it’s one of my favourite cities so I wanted to go along. I knew nothing about online network marketing but I was curious so I went along!

What was your first training event like?

What impressed me a lot is that people were so happy about meeting me. I felt safe and loved. I saw so many leaders with difficult backgrounds overcome this and succeed and I thought wow if they can do it then maybe so can I.

You’ve grown your team amazingly, how are you finding new people?

I always go back to people I’ve shown the business to and follow up. In the past perhaps they didn’t have the money or they weren’t in the right situation but things may have changed. Then I asked if they are going to travel in the next six months to one year and if they are and have $20 in their bank account I get them to sign up to benefit from the amazing savings.

I transmit my energy and attitude into how I communicate with people and they understand that it’s time to take action. I also do then sign up for them otherwise I would lose people. By signing people up myself I don’t lose time and I keep the situation the same from beginning to end.

What tips do you have to share?

I like to guide people in a very simple way and talk them through every step. So when I’m doing enrollment and registration I explain why they may need a secret question or what the password is for, that way they can do it by themselves quickly.

I also went to every event and developed my skills in terms of speaking to people, presentations and coming across in a way that people can trust. I’m always trying to better myself. I listen to audios and take notes of my activity and how it’s affecting my enrollment rates. I stuck to a schedule and my rates began to shoot up.

Georgiana is just one example of how to grow fast in network marketing but if she’s got you feeling inspired… TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY! Join my team today and build a life you’ve been dreaming of including passive income and amazing travel experiences.

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