An Interview With Peter Powderham

I’m all about helping others learn how create their own network marketing success stories and find their freedom with the opportunities that the industry provides. As you all well know, during the beginning of my journey, seeing Peter Powderham talk for the first time completely changed my life and opened my eyes to a new world that I never knew existed. He is now an amazing mentor and close friend.

As far as network marketing success stories go, Peter’s journey is MLM legend. He has gone above and beyond expectations and as a result, dominated the industry and reach multi-millionaire status. Today, he’s the inspiration for how to succeed in network marketing – a down to Earth man who has done incredible things.

What does it feel like being called a legend while still alive?

A: It’s an interesting word. I think what it means is they look at the history and time I’ve spent in the industry and in network marketing terms, the results. A bit like in sports, if you were dealing with somebody who was a sporting achiever for 30 years you’d say they’re a legend in this area in life. So although it’s an interesting work while I’m still alive, it’s a respectful term. Younger girls and younger guys say that to me as they want to learn from you and have the lifestyle that I want to achieve and it’s legendary what you’ve done, so can you help me.

What made you join network marketing?

My first company was Amway, the grandparents of network marketing. I joined as a policeman of London but I always knew there was more for me and my family. I was asked 3 times to join network marketing and I said no and pretended that I was happy but the third times I was having a bad day at work so his timing was right. I decided to join online network marketing as I saw how it could work and we network all the time. I thought you’re telling me there is a business opportunity just related to building relationships? It was genius to me.

How long did it take you to succeed in network marketing?

I learned how to succeed in network marketing very early but that doesn’t mean I was financially free. The lifestyle didn’t come for 5 to 10 years but when it did come it was huge. What networking marketing can give you is beyond what most people can imagine because you not only get the income but the time to enjoy it. There are a lot of wealthy income who have wealth in property and business but are constantly juggling to maintain it but it network marketing you have a lot of freedom and a lot of time.

I believe I was successful very soon as I began to change as a person. I started to read books about self-development and going to training about me and becoming more positive and that reflected right through my life. I grew as a person, and become what I considered to be a more positive person because of my association with this industry. So success doesn’t always equate to how much money you have in the bank. 

When you recruit new people what are you focusing on?

First of all, I want to get rid of the word recruit, I don’t believe in recruiting people. I believe in sponsoring. You can recruit someone because you show them the idea and they join the idea but when you sponsor someone they join you – it’s a very subtle but very important difference. My job is to help you through the process of learning. I’ll be with you, like a child learning to walk, until you can walk on your own. 

You joined Seacret after so many years, why?

I joined it because my experience and background taught me how to recognise winners both in people and companies. Even now and again you get a giant of the industry that turns up. Every 10 to 15 years, online marketing companies turn up and it’s obvious that they’ve got it. Travel is genius, it’s an obvious product that everybody uses. Every time I met the management I liked them more, they were respectful and were not arrogant. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

You won’t understand how to succeed in network marketing unless you join. Anybody with the right attitude can be a winner and be create some of the best network marketing success stories.

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