If you’re eager to make online network marketing work for you then there’s one thing you should know – you must learn how to navigate the cold market. Inviting your friends and family to join your team will only get you so far and chances are that they aren’t going to be worthwhile leads for your business. On the other hand, network marketing prospecting is the key to growing your team.

There are plenty of ways that you can start network marketing prospecting online such as social media and finding the right approach to show new people that you are trustworthy, professional and have an opportunity that is worth listening to. The cold market isn’t as scary as you might first think!

Here are some top tips on how to navigate the cold market and grow your online network marketing business.

What is the cold market?

The cold market refers to people that you don’t know, in other words, your future or prospective team members or customers. On the other hand, the warm market consists of people that you already have relationships with such as your friends and family.

Why is the cold market important in network marketing?

So, you’ve spoken to all of your friends and you’re done trying to convince your mum to join network marketing, now what? When you’re first starting out, the idea of network marketing prospecting can seem daunting but once you’ve run out of warm market prospects, the cold market is your next big move.

The whole framework of network marketing is to grow your network on multiple levels. There is no shortage of people you can approach so the cold market is essential for building relationships and growing your business. 

Practising network marketing prospecting online simply means talking to someone new and introducing them to the business. When I talk about being consistent in network marketing, exposing new people to the business is one of the most important steps and will help you get to know the cold market quickly. Find out if they have a need for your product, service or would be interested in joining your team and transforming their lives!

How can you find network marketing prospects?

So, where do you find people in the cold market? There are plenty of places to find new prospects online, especially social media – this is why you need to optimise your social media accounts for network marketing.

Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram are good places to start and you can take a look at people’s profiles and decide whether they could be a good fit. However, sometimes it is people you least expect that are ready to say YES to network marketing!

How to invite prospects in network marketing

When entering the cold market it’s all about your approach. Naturally, people may feel wary of you so it’s important to be genuine and not force yourself on people who are not interested.

Top network marketing prospecting tips include:

  • Take a look through the person’s profile before reaching out. That way you can find something in common or indicators that they may be interested in, that way you can write a good conversation starter that will capture their attention.
  • Avoid sending lengthy messages. Nobody wants to read paragraphs from somebody they don’t know and you run the risk of it coming across as a sales pitch!
  • Practice makes perfect! You may need to try a few different approaches to find one that works for you, but remember not everyone will say yes. Reaching out to 50 people a day may seem a lot but if you want to see results then you need to stay focused!
  • Use several different approaches. As well as messaging people in the cold market, why not send voice messages too? Don’t be afraid to invite somebody for a video call – sometimes speaking face to face is much easier than via message.

The cold market is essential for your network marketing business to reach new heights. Work on your confidence, brush up on everything you need to know about network marketing and believe in yourself!

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