Matt Morris is a number one income earner in the network marketing industry and regarded as one of the most successful global network marketers. With over 25 years of experience in network marketing, his story is one that shows how to start network marketing from nothing and you can too.

In this best-selling book The Unemployed Millionaire, Matt shares his story of network marketing success secrets and his journey, which like many of us, followed a path of dedication and hard work.

Facing adversity

Matt Morris explains that telling his story used to set him back but now he uses it as a form of empowerment. At the age of four, his parents got divorced after his mother had fallen in love with somebody else – this resulted in Matt’s father murdering the boyfriend and being sent to prison.

After serving his time, his father turned to alcohol so for the most part, Matt was raised by his mom who worked several jobs alongside studying and later graduated from law school and became a judge. Growing up, Matt got by on welfare food stamps while living with his mom in a trailer park. They later moved to a small one bedroom apartment but continued to struggle financially and his mom did her best to make ends meet and this is what empowered Matt.

At age 13 Matt’s father committed suicide. Struggling with feelings of abandonment, processing the event and the feelings that came with it was difficult but Matt decided to interpret things in a new way and learn from his mistakes as a father.

The early years of network marketing

Living with little money created a desire for change. Matt wanted more to be financially stable and create a life that he could be proud of. At 18 Matt learned how to start network marketing while working a minimum wage job as a waiter! After being asked ‘hey, have you ever thought about being in business for yourself?’ and the journey began.

During his first two years, Matt only enrolled three people who quickly dwindled away but things changed when his mentor gave him a copy of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. 

He had never read any personal development book before but in those pages, Matt’s mindset changed. Learning about the determination that’s needed for network marketing success spurred him on to make his business bigger and better than ever. Even when times got tough, Matt didn’t give up. At 21, he was $30,000 in debt and living in his car. Showering in gas station stalls, outside and trying to make his current job work, Matt was sick and tired of the way he was living.

Making a change

Matt Morris admits that his commitment to network marketing wasn’t there in the beginning. He went to training and read the books but he wasn’t putting what he’d learnt into action. But one night he promised himself that he’d commit and get himself out of his current situation and do better. That’s where he reinvented himself.

He listened to cassettes, read over 700 books and he started learning more and more. The journey was not easy and there were times when he wanted to quit, but determination kept him going. Matt took on many jobs to be able to support himself while growing his network marketing business, pawned his belongings to be able to attend training, maxed out credit cards and lived out of his card. But he knew that one day he would succeed. In just over two and a half years he built himself up and got to a point where network marketing became his full-time income – and the rest is history.

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