Last year I caught up with special guest and friend IMD Razvan Dinca. He is one of the top European leaders from Romania and over the past 9 years he’s had amazing success in online network marketing. With the challenges that many people are facing during covid-19, now is a great time to start online network marketing and change your career path by finding something you truly love.

Is the pandemic a good time to start online network marketing?

Whether you’ve been made redundant or you’ve had time to think during the lockdown and you’re ready to take on a new challenge, network marketing can be a great step for anyone. There’s no time like the present to ditch the 9-5 job which is causing you stress and embark on a new journey that could provide better financial opportunities and success than ever before.

What should people be doing now?

We’re in a time when people are more open and looking for things to do so you need to have the mindset that people need a solution. Also within your team, you need to stay connected. Get together on zoom and have conversations so you can build a good mindset together.

Top tips from Razan

  • I also try to be fun and authentic when I’m talking to people. I think it’s very important to be yourself and find your own way of doing things instead of replicating others.
  • Always be proactive. The results you achieve are based on how much effort you put in so get people involved in calls and find new ways to engage.
  • Don’t let negative media put you off from succeeding. Anyone can put negativity out into the world but that doesn’t mean that it’s true or that you won’t prove them wrong!

How to promote a network marketing business during the pandemic

Being a part of an online network marketing company does come with its challenges during the pandemic, however, on the other hand, people are more excited about travel than ever before.

  • Show the amazing travel deals available by comparing popular hotel booking sites to the exclusive deals in the business.
  • Keep reaching out to people in the cold market. You never know who could be looking out for a new opportunity and travel is something that everyone loves.
  • Promote travel across your social media platforms. While people may not be able to jet off just yet, they can certainly feel inspired to make their online network marketing business work.

Are you ready to start online network marketing? My passion is teaching fellow home business entrepreneurs like you to succeed in getting sales, recruiting, duplicating and building a full-time network marketing business, as well as travel around the world speaking on stage taking life into people. Every day I have a feeling of immense gratitude for the freedom network marketing has given me and the decision I made to start in 2003 and you can too! Get in touch with me today.

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