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Network marketing education with Millionaire Marc Accetta, he’s had an incredible journey within the industry and continues to thrive. I had some time to catch up with him late last year so he could share his story and top tips on how to find success in this amazing worldwide business opportunity.

Why do you continue to work this hard even after the success you’ve had?

When you find something that you love doing and it’s had an impact, to me that’s amazing. I remember being at an event having never made more than $22,000 dollars just hoping that someone could teach me something. Every time I do an event or a call I know there is someone out there who was like I was so I can’t imagine retiring. It’s too much fun.

How did you start network marketing?

I thought I was going to be a professional baseball player but when I realised that wasn’t going to happen I panicked and thought about law school. I got the grades I needed that released again that it wasn’t for me. Then I met a man called Gary after reply to a blind ad. He became like my first mentor and I started selling cookware before he left the company abruptly.

I then heard from him 3 years later, we met up and he introduced me to network marketing. I needed to buy some inventory for $5,000 so I went to my father and the seeds of doubt were planted. I called Gary and explained that I didn’t have the money but he encouraged me to go back and take a leap of faith and the rest is history.
Why have you stuck with this network marketing company?

I’ve been offered money to go to other places but I love the company. Wayne, the owner, is one of my best friends and his vision and heart is unreal and what he wants to create is unreal. To find relationships like I have now would take me another 10 to 15 years!

What advice would you give to a new starter to maximise their success?

You’ve got to go to as many people as you can from the warm market. Contact 20 to 30 people a day as a minimum, use social media and talk to people face to face too. If you’re at a party, introduce people to your business. People are going to say no but you can’t take rejection personally and you’ve got to keep going. Stop worrying about what people think and detach yourself from other people’s opinions.

Like many others, Marc Accetta has found success in network marketing and YOU can too! We’re looking to work with people, who are ready to TAKE SERIOUS ACTION in their OWN home business and create the life they’ve always DREAMED about! Get in touch with me today!

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Shush Arya
Shush Arya

Shush is a top International expert in Network Marketing. Over his 16 plus years in the industry his achievements include being nominated in 2012 as UK DSA (Direct Selling Association) Direct Seller of the Year, joint no.1 International income earner with his current company 2011 till current, fastest International Diamond distributor for VM Direct (4 months) in 2007 and no.2 income earner in Tiscali Network 2005 til 2009. Shush has helped thousands of people all over the world create success in the the home business industry.

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