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Where ever your starting point, if you’re new or just struggling, with the right network marketing success training no matter how much experience you have or what your current situation is, success is always possible. In this ever-growing industry, it is what you make it. Some of the biggest network marketing success stories including Peter Powderham and Matt Morris start with very humble beginnings so if you want to achieve success go grab it!

I recently caught up with another legend Eric Happy Gusevik who became the latest million dollar lifetime earner. He shared his network marketing story and some words of wisdom for those trying to reach new goals and make their home business a life-changing venture.

Top network marketing tips from Erik Happy Gusevik

Work on your philosophy

During his first introduction to network marketing, Erik learned that everything comes from the inside. The industry depends on your own self-development so if you don’t believe in yourself and visualize yourself reaching your goals then you aren’t in the right mindset.

Instead of thinking, I can’t afford this, you should think I can’t afford it right now. If you want things to change then you need a positive philosophy to live by as this is the motivation you need to better yourself and aim higher. 

The 10 Goal Method is a great way to start manifesting your goals and improving the way you think about success.

Have a good attitude

First impressions count so if you aren’t coming across in an engaging and inviting manner then people won’t invest in you. Joy, on the other hand, is contagious. Making people feel excited and happy from the moment they talk to you will make them truly listen. 

Having a good attitude is made easier when you have a good philosophy. Being confident, inspired and positive will naturally shine through so the way you speak to people will be better than ever.

Choose three-way calls instead of one on one calls

When you’re talking to a prospect, getting them interested in the business is key and showing them a presentation is a great way of doing so – this is an important part of any network marketing business plan. However, opt for three-way calls instead of one to one.

People can be sceptical about network marketing so they want to see or hear evidence that the industry truly works. Having your mentor or team member on the call with you will help to justify your opportunity through shared experiences and commonalities that encourage people to take a leap of faith.

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Shush Arya

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