Over the last 12 years I have been involved in Network Marketing I have learned that the people who achieve the greatest network marketing success have 4 core values ingrained within them while they build their success. Equally those who fail in the industry or quit, essentially did not instill these 4 core values.

Too many people come into the industry expecting instant success, they do not give enough time to learn the skills to do the business or give enough time to adopt the 4 core values.

The 4 Core Values For Network Marketing Success

  1. Belief in the Company
  2. Belief in the Product
  3. Belief in Network Marketing
  4. Belief in Yourself

So lets talk some more about each of these and how you can increase your belief in each of these core values to achieve the network marketing success you desire.

1. Belief in the Company to create Network Marketing Success

When you partner with a network marketing company you have to have cast iron belief that the company has solid foundations, is well financed to achieve its goals, has the right management team to achieve growth and will provide you a long term future. Despite having amazing success myself I joined 2 different companies in the last ten years which were start ups and things went wrong because the companies proved not to have these solid foundations. Needless to say neither of these companies exist today.

My personal involvement with these companies cost me valueable time, energy, contacts & many people I brought into these businesses were hurt as a result of the companies failings. The important lesson I gleaned from the experience is that I personally would not ever again get involved with a start up company. With the internet it is easy for companies to creating slick marketing promotion videos with a bunch of hype to sucker people in, and they do exactly that. With promises of amazing products and fast incomes for little or no work. Quite frankly its all bullshit! There are literally tens of thousands of direct selling companies out there and hundreds of new ones pop up every month. The majority of them fail.

This then begs the question how do you pick the right company for you? My personal criteria for picking the right company to partner with includes the following:

  1.  The company has to have been operating for over 5 years and have a proven track record for success and are growing.
  2. I have to get excited and passionate about the product the company is marketing. In fact my acid test is would I feel confortable to share the product with my friends and family without getting embarrassed with no cringe factor. (Thats why I am involved in Travel)
  3. Is the compensation plan (pay plan) driving growth. Are there people involved in the business making money with the company creating network marketing success stories.
  4. Does the company operate internationally and what are the expansion plans.
  5. Is the company operating internationally legally to comply with the trading laws of the companies they are open in. I have seen many companies forced out of business because they failed to comply with this.
  6. Are the founders and key executives of the company from the Network Marketing industry either in the field or corporate. This to me is critical as non network marketing company owners eventually resent the high incomes they have to pay to the top achieving leaders. This results in changes to the pay plan and the business can get destroyed overnight.
  7. Are there solid payment solutions in place for the company to firstly collect money from customers and secondly pay the reps their commissions.
  8. Is the product being delivered to the customer effeciently. One of the reasons I love working with a online membership travel product is that a new member gets the product instantly wherever they are in the world. All the headaches of physical delivery, stocking product and retailing the product are removed.
  9. The company has excellent marketing tools online and offline to help reps build the business. This includes a great corporate website as well as great marketing websites.
  10. There is a programme of training in place to develop reps and create leaders by creating duplication. The companies in the last 50 years that have created the greatest network marketing success all have excellent worldwide training programmes for their representatives.

You will gain belief in the company by doing your own due dilligence or you know that your sponsor or upline support team have done the due dilligence and you trust their judgement. Over time you can constatly increase your belief in the company by attending local events, company events, conference calls, webinars, masterminding with leaders or even visiting the company HQ and meeting with the founders and executives.

2. Belief in the Product

For me network marketing has always been about sharing a product or service that you love and enjoy using yourself and sharing it with others. No different to if  you had experienced a great movie, been to a great restaurant, been blown away by your new iPhone or loved using FaceBook and you told others about it. Quite frankly if you do not feel that way about the product your company is marketing you are in the wrong company.

This is the very reason why when I first came across the concept of network marketing back in 1995 a lady invited me to look at Amway I did not pursue it because quite frankly I could not get excited about sharing soap powder and cleaning products with people. In fact the idea of it made me feel very uncomfortable. One of the reasons why I have shyed away from Nutrition network marketing businesses in the past is that I would never feel comfortable about asking people to put any product in their mouth. Most of the nutrtional products being sold via network marketing in my opinion are way over priced and alternatives can be bought in shops or online.

My personal criteria for picking the right product to market includes the following:

  1. The product must excite me and I have to get passionate about using it.
  2. The product must provide excellent value to the customer.
  3. There must me zero cringe factor in sharing the product with anyone.
  4. It must be a mass market product that will appeal to everyone.
  5. The product is reasonably priced making it accessible to everyone.
  6. The product cannot be bought online or in shops for a cheaper price.
  7. The product is simple to use. I have seen some technology MLM company products where you need a rocket science degree to use it.
  8. It is a repeating purchase product that people will be compelled to keep purchasing.

You will gain belief in the product by using it and enjoying it. You have to be a product of the product with passion to have network marketing success. I have been involved in companies in the past when the product stopped exciting me and when that happens its time to make a change.

3. Belief in Network Marketing to create Network Marketing Success

You will gain belief in network marketing as a vehicle for success by getting an understanding that it is big business and that it is a legitimate business model.

So why have the following Billionaires become involved in network marketing?

Simple, Network Marketing (also known as MLM or Direct Selling) works and it is BIG BUSINESS! Today approx USD $169 Billion of goods and services are distributed via network marteting in over 100 countries around the world.

Richard Branson owns network marketing company Virgin Vie At Home in his portfolio of Virgin Companies. This is a cosmetics party plan network marketing company.

Donald Trump publcily endorsed the ACN video phone on the US “Apprentice” TV programme and in recent years started a nutrional network marketing company in the US called the Trump Network MLM.

Donald co authored along with Robert Kiyosaki (author of the world famous Rich Dad Poor Dad) a great book called “Why We Want You To Be Rich”. In chapter 27 of the book the titleis  “Why Do You Recommend Network Marketing?”

In the book both Donald and Robert give they own independent opinions on network marketing and also some excellent advice on how to succeed.

Warren Buffet, the worlds top investor owns more than 50 businesses, 3 of which are Network Marketing Companies.

The famous billionaire stock market guru, known as the “seer of Omaha” had Wall Street in a spin when he invested in his first MLM company, The Pampered Chef in 2002.

Warren Buffet was quoted as saying “The Best Investment I ever made…” when it came to his MLM investment.

Is Network Marketing the same as Pyramid Selling Schemes?

This is a common question that arises due to not understanding our industry. Pyramid Selling Schemes are ILLEGAL! Pyramid Selling Schemes also known as money games do not have any real product and you are paid for recruiting people into the schemes. You make money from people paying money to join the scheme and nobody gets any product.

Legitimate Network Marketing companies are paying their representatives for distributing a real product. A percentage of the revenue generated from the sales of the product by the network of team members you build is paid back to you through the compensation plan also know as the pay plan.

The reason companies choose to distribute goods and services using network marketing is very simple. It is cost effective and there is nothing more powerful than word of mouth marketing, people telling people about products they enjoy and want to share. This negates the need for companies to spend massive amounts on conventional advertisng and marketing which over the years has become more costly, less effective and hugely competitive. In todays world conumers often ignore advertising as its just constant noise to them.

Common sense will tell you that the Billionaires mentioned above would not involve themselves in something that is illegal or will damage their business reputations and credibilty. So the answer is NO Network Marketing is NOT the same as Pyramid Selling Schemes.

4. Belief in Yourself

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” is a quote from Henry Ford and absolutely nails it.

Your personal development is the key to gaining belief in yourself. By attending training events, local events, company events, conference calls, webinars, masterminding with leaders will help you increase your belief that you can do it.

Reading personal development books such as Think and Grow Rich (Napolean Hill), How to Win Friends and Influence People (Dale Carnegie), Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (T. Harv Eker), Rich Dad Poor Dad (Robert kiyosaki) will continually build your success mindset. Remember all of these are also available as audio books to listen to on your iPod or in the car.

Watching success videos on YouTube from success experts like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar & Les Brown will also continually build your belief in yourself.

As you encounter your network marketing journey you will hit obstacles and challenges that will constantly challenge you and question your personal belief that you can get success. They key is give it time, be persistent and consistent and always focus on WHY you are doing it. Write down your goals and dreams and never lose sight of them.


Society wants to beat the amazing out of you. You’re surrounded by people who will give you permission to stay the way you are. You’ll get lots of advice to play it safe, don’t take chances, and conform to the way everyone else does things. Most of those people mean well, but their advice is not going to take you where you want to go.

To live a rich life, you have to challenge yourself and go after BIG dreams. You have to take risks and be willing to fail, knowing that even in those failures, you will be learning lessons, developing character, and moving closer to your goals. The guy or gal who attempts to climb the mountain and fails to reach the summit, still lives a richer life than the person who stays home watching it on TV.

Your gift – the ability to be amazing – is still inside you. You just have to decide you’re not willing to settle for mediocrity any more.

Constantly work on the maintaining the 4 core beliefs above and with time you will gain the skills and by applying them consistently you will gain, you will realize your goals and dreams. Got value and believe others would too?  If so I’d love & appreciate it if you shared this post 4 Core Values Needed For Network Marketing Success using the Social Media buttons and I also welcome your comments below…

A critical part of success is to learn how to find the best network marketing companies.

Shush Arya
Shush Arya

Shush is a top International expert in Network Marketing. Over his 16 plus years in the industry his achievements include being nominated in 2012 as UK DSA (Direct Selling Association) Direct Seller of the Year, joint no.1 International income earner with his current company 2011 till current, fastest International Diamond distributor for VM Direct (4 months) in 2007 and no.2 income earner in Tiscali Network 2005 til 2009. Shush has helped thousands of people all over the world create success in the the home business industry.

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    • Marko Zdravkovic

      Well put! This should be given to people prior to showing them any type of MLM presentation! Thanks Shush

    • Marko Zdravkovic

      Well put!

      This should be given to everybody prior to showing them any type of presentation just to set their minds straight.

      Also good for people who lose faith along the way….

      Thanks Shush!

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      Thanks Shush for this! I’m glad I decided to take the risk of joining network marketing 2 years ago. Never regretted since.

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