Oprah Winfrey & Robert Kiyosaki Discuss Network Marketing

So why would Billionaire Oprah Winrey one of the most formidable women in the world and self made Billionaire be pro network marketing? After 12 years in the network marketing industry I am seeing many business experts now referring to
Network Marketing as the business of the 21st Century as it becomes increasingly mainstream. In the video below Robert Kiyosaki, Financial expert & self made Millionaire author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” discusses
Network Marketing and wealth creation on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Some on the biggest Billionaire business icons in the world such as Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson & Oprah Winfrey herself, all have or have had associations with network marketing businesses.

What You Might Not Know About Network Marketing

Today network marketing also referred to as Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is an Industry in which $169 Billion (USD) worth of goods and services are distributed worldwide. Essentially the business model is centered around the age old tradition of sharing information by “word of mouth” via your personal & business network. However the
advent of the internet with the warp speed growth of social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram coupled with communication tools like Skype, FaceTime, Whatsapp, FaceBook Messenger,  Snapchat & Viber, have made it possible for people to build global businesses online which literally go viral at super speed.

Of course people still join a network marketing business based on relationships, however gone have the days when you had to physcially be in the same room “belly to belly” just to do business with them. As an example of this, just in this past few months I have personally sponsored people in my home business via FaceBook & Instagram in the following countries:

  • Mebourne, Australia
  • Perth, Australia
  • Athlone, Ireland
  • Johanessburg, South Africa
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Las Vegas, USA
  • Maryland, USA
  • BC, Canada
  • Manchester, UK

Understanding The Network Marketing Business Model


Despite the growing success of network marketing and several Multi Billion Dollar companies being born in the industry, many people with the conventional, corporate thinking mindset totally misunderstand the industry. In the corporate world its very much dog eat dog & every man or woman for themself to progress.

In a network marketing business this whole system is turned on its head.  You are leveraging the power of a team and unless you help them succeed, you will not succeed yourself. Empowering people who want to change their life & working with them, helping them create success to reach their goals is how you create success for yourself in network marketing. Its about developing leadership who will then in turn empower others in the same way.

Inherently human beings are professional referrers. When you see a great movie, go to a great restaurant, read a great book, hear a great song, come across a great APP you tell people about it. Either in person, by messaging or on Social Media. Think of how FaceBook itself grew to become so popular and the multi-Billion company it is today. It was people referring people, referring people that went so viral it grew to over 1 Billion users. In the case of FaceBook all those people who built FaceBook ie. the FaceBook users made Mark Zuckerberg and his buddies Billionaires. The FaceBook users got nada, zilch, zero, nothing!

Network Marketing is just about building a network of professional referrers who love a product and share that product and the opportunity to make money referring the product and opportunity. The network marketing company then reward the representatives via their compensation plan for bring those customers instead of spending money on conventional advertsing and marketing costs.

Why Do Some People Think Network Marketing Is An Illegal Pyramid Selling Scheme?

There is a misconception sometimes that network marketing is the same as illegal Pyramid Selling Schemes. This is normally based on these reasons:

  1. The structure of the business is triangular like a pyramid. However any company structure with the CEO at the top is exactly the same.
  2. People cannot differentiate between a real company with a real product as opposed to a company which has no real product which is in fact an illegal Pyramid Selling Scheme. Generally if you are being asked to invest more than $500 to start MLM network marketing business make sure you know exactly what you are getting in terms of product. Normally these are front end loaded money schemes where you are getting paid to reruit people to invest alot of money to start and you get a kick back from that recruitment fee. This is not true for all these companies but just make sure you do your due dilligence.
  3. People may have personally had a bad experience in the past in network marketing or heard from someone else that did.

The important thing when considering a network marketing home business is you check it out properly. Check out the company history, success, growth curve, representative success stories, systems & training. Also make sure you join someone who you trust and resonate with. Find out who the upline leaders are that you can plug into. You want to join a team that has a proven success system. Here is a previous blog I wrote about finding the right network marketing company.

Creating Network Marketing Success Today

Having been involved in building a network marketing organisation of over 400,000 people in the past 4 1/2 years which now grows an average of 8,000 people per week, I can share with you some of the critical things that create success in a network marketing business and also what you need to look for if you are looking for a new network marketing company.

  1.  Tools and systems build and multiply a network marketing system fast. Use online videos, DVDs, training systems. If you are doing everything in your business ie. presentations and training and your whole group relies on you, you will burn yourself out and your growth will stop.
  2. Look for the live wires in your team who are hungry for success, coachable and are taking consistent action. They are the ones who deserve your time to help them develop as leaders.
  3. Constantly help to develop your team members with personal development and success books, audios, video and training events.
  4. Always continue to recruit new people in your team. In the past 12 years I have averaged sponsoring 2 people a month.
  5. Follow the teaching of the top network marketing trainers in the world like
    Marc Accetta & Eric Worre

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