If you want to succeed in social media network marketing, reaching out to people and sharing the opportunity is necessary. But, how? Network marketing prospecting should be a part of your business plan through channels such as social media where you can connect with people worldwide.

There are two main uses for social media – prospecting and recruiting. Both of which play an integral role in growing your online network marketing business.

Marketing your multi-level business

There are three pillars of marketing:

  • Hot market – People you know very well.
  • Warm market – Acquaintances and people you are friendly with.
  • Cold market – New prospects that you don’t know.

Your success in the hot and warm market will depend on your relationships. Many years ago, Peter Powderham taught me that the relationship that you have with a person is like a trust account that relies on your history. The bigger the account the more likely they are to follow what you’re doing and the online networking opportunity you’re offering.

On the other hand, the cold market is for people that you do not know. In other words, these are the people that require network marketing prospecting. During lockdown there was a 1500% increase of the search term ‘work from home’ on Google Trends so there is a ferocious market that is waiting for an opportunity.

How to use Facebook groups for prospecting and recruiting

Social media is a tool that you have at your fingertips so use it to your advantage! Network marketing prospecting can be done via Facebook groups to find like minded people who are open to new opportunities and personal development.

Top tips for using Facebook groups include:

  • Search for groups around personal development, travel and personal development mentors such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki or even groups relating to a personal hobby.
  • Like and reply to people’s comments to create a rapport. Use the @ to reply to someone directly as this will also make any direct messages show in their inbox instead of going straight to the filtered inbox.
  • Add them as a friend and create a private conversation relating to the previous comment or interest in the group.
  • Use the FAM (Find, Add and Message) technique to connect with people in your friend suggestion list.
  • Create your own posts to get people commenting and engaging with you. The people that do comment can then be added and you can find out more about their openness to online network marketing.
  • Use a script to make network marketing prospecting quicker and easier, however, make sure that you’re tweaking it so you aren’t sending the same messages as other people.
  • Add people from different cities and countries. Once they accept you will then gain new friend suggestions with no mutual friends.
  • When chatting to people, give them another form of social media or a Whatsapp number as this will build credibility.

From network marketing prospecting online to securing new recruits, Facebook is a goldmine for your multi-level marketing business. Practice makes perfect! Utilise the platform today and you’ll soon see the benefits.

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