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How to effectively expose your business to an audience using these social media network marketing methods, presented by Shush Arya, a handful of real world examples from our team members Martin Pringle, Ari and Danny, Dennis and Jay Arya in which they illustrate successful methods of prospecting and recruitment. 

This is predominantly a cold market technique, which if used correctly can transition cold prospects, to warm and then hot leads to new recruits into your business or consumers of your products and or services.

You could define cold leads or prospects in a number of ways, as people who have not sought out your business offer, products or services before, who you’ve never come into contact with you directly or either though a referral.

Warn leads are likely to have been though a referral from direct friends or family and have some degree of connection to you if only loosely, they may also be someone who is defined as being receptive and open to opportunity, someone who maybe looking for a business opportunity, product or service that you provide. Maybe these are people who’ve found your website in the organic search engine listings, or have opted in to your newsletter, requested a call or left their details via your sites contact page.

Hot leads would definitely include people you directly know that have an established level of trust in you already, close friends and family for example. They could be people that are in the market for opportunity, products or services that you provide. Are highly likely to convert into a new team member or customer. I would also suggest that a hot lead is all someone that has specifically searched for what you offer or you yourself if you’re high profile enough, this kind of specific direct search would more than likely be as a direct result of a paid advertising campaign such as Google Ads if your ad and landing page are constructed correctly these leads would be deemed highly qualified.

Watch the video above for some real world Social Media Network Marketing methods that work.

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