I’m interviewing two IMDs special guests IMDs Peter Kuffler & Chris Le Clos two South African Network Marketers who have one of the fastest growing teams in the whole of WorldVentures globally.

Peter joined his good friend and now colleague Chris after a presentation in which he was pitched the business not fully understanding the presentation or the bu sinus he still ended up joining the presenter, because he was convinced by him, he saw him as the right person to help him realise his goals to help him change his lifestyle… I remembered hearing something many years ago that I learned, that you cannot say the wrong thing to the right person and you cannot say the right thing to the wrong person. ?

Because Peter trusted his friend Chris he asked are you in, Peter said yes! He remembers asking have you made any money, he replied no but people are making money ? That didn’t deter him at all, he just handed his credit card over and signed not even really knowing what he was getting involved in.

Before World Ventures he started his own business twenty five years ago and for 8 years strove onwards to make a success of it. Then he bolted into another company a much larger concern, he did really well in this company, top in his field in his are of the country, it was a real success… then 2008 the credit crunch hit and the leisure market was hit and the company began to wobble. 

What changed for him was the moment he got married and had kids his priorities changed from striving to earn more money to be the best in his field to want to spend more time with his family… Another fact that fundamentally changed his approach to work and life was at the age to forty his health suffered a consequence of this constant high octane work effort, this really was the wake up call and drilled home again the need to prioritise his family. Perfectly timed he saw this opportunity his friend Chris present this opportunity and as mentioned above he joined Chris there and then, he loved travel and had a passion for it so much so this seemed the perfect match along with Chris.

After taking a few dream trips he realised the power, incredible price and the quality of the product, both he and Chris decided without a doubt to do this to build the business… it wasn’t until travelling from South Africa to the United Meeting in the United States that the and Chris formally agreed to partner, ‘Let’s do this’ We need the lifestyle, the freedom that this opportunity brings. 

Chris knew Peter over twenty years ago, watched him build his own business from zero up to a multi million business. He accredits their success to accountability, they were both able to keep each other on track… this was key. Brought up in Durban not even finishing school he said that never held him back. Having moved to the UK to play Rugby in Scotland, he got injured and got involved in business. He’s now been back in South Africa for eight years after spending 15 years in the UK.

While he was in the UK he was introduced to Network Marketing the company he was involved never really suited him entirely but what he found inspiring were the personal development seminars, that’s where his journey started, having now studied the subject for the last 10-12 years all this time was well spent in the study of personal development, he was primed ready and waiting for the right opportunity to come a long and when it did he was more than ready for it. 

I highlight a key moment in their business, a transformative moment, when as I see it they stopped ‘playing’ with their business and started building it was the attendance of a United Event in the Untied States. I see so many people with potential just sit there in the business just playing at the business and not taking it seriously enough, if I could show them the potential of the business if they could see, if I could show them the IMD lifestyle it would definitely inspire them to work and take this opportunity more seriously. 

I also see so many people sitting in their comfort zone and they get complacent with the business and fail to take the necessary action to make a real breakthrough towards real wealth and all the freedom and money and the lifestyle they’ll ever desire.

I also go over the importance of why people join a network Marketing company it not the company they going it the individual presenting the opportunity to the , positivity the belief the passion, that’s what attracts people to you, to join you!

Develop that passion and belief in yourself, that energy and you will attract people to you, you will inspire, this is where personal development is so important in this industry.

Please watch this video you will be inspired and learn a lot from Chris and Peter two top South African network marketers

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