Facebook is one of the best tools we have as network marketers but you need to optimise your profile to see the best results. I’ve already spoken about social media network marketing and how it’s great for recruiting, but you’re not going to get very far if your profile gives off the wrong impression!

Luckily for you, creating a stand out Facebook profile is very easy! With millions of users worldwide, who knows who could be looking at your profile and among those viewers could be new prospects.

If you want to know how to recruit for network marketing using Facebook then it starts by having a great profile. One that’s inspiring, engaging and informative will create results. Here’s all you need to know.

What features should your Facebook profile have?

Making a success of network marketing with the help of social media means you need to put effort into creating and maintaining your social media profiles. 

These are the main areas that you need to work on:

  1. Profile Photo – When you add somebody as a friend or they come across your profile the first thing people will look at is your profile picture. Choose a clear image that clearly shows your face instead of a character photo as this can make people wary of who you are and that’s not a great start! A photo from a recent holiday or a friendly selfie is fine.
  1. Banner photo – As well as your profile photo you should also choose a good banner image. Find something that reflects your interests and business such as a holiday landscape or even a photo of you and your family – whatever you feel comfortable with.
  1. Bio – What do you want people to know about you? Your bio is a space to tell people about yourself, what you do and your interests. However, this isn’t an opportunity to waffle on! Stick to just a few sentences and keep it simple. A well structured and interesting bio will help Facebook friends relate to you and therefore increase your chances of engaging them.
  1. Statuses and posts – Network marketing groups on Facebook are a great place for connecting with people and sharing posts, but you can also do this on your own profile. Nobody wants their Facebook feed clogged up with rubbish, so think carefully about what you post. Be informative, fun and most importantly real! You can also try posting a range of different content such as videos, written posts, quotes or photos from your recent trips.

Questions to ask yourself

When setting up your Facebook profile for multi-level marketing you want to ask yourself some questions as a general rule of thumb. Based on your answers, make changes to your profile until you feel happy then all you need to do is stay active and deliver amazing content across your profile.

You should ask yourself:

  1. Am I being authentic?
  2. Does my profile line up with who I am and who I want to attract to me?
  3. Would I want to work with me?

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