The Good, Bad and Ugly

When many people think about a network marketing business, even the sound of it can make them feel suspicious or dubious about how it works. But, the truth is, not many people understand the basics behind the types of networking marketing and how it works because if they did, everybody would want to be a part of it!

I thought I’d take the opportunity to discuss more about network marketing because the real fact is that virtually everyone network markets every day whether they know it or not, the only difference being that they’re not getting paid for the service. Different types of network marketing vary slightly between different network marketing companies, however, the basics remain.

How do network marketing business’s work?

Network marketing is referring to or recommending something to people that you love yourself. Other names for it are word of mouth marketing or referral marketing but essentially if you take the network marketing industry, close to $180 billion goods and services are distributed around the world by more than 1 million representatives. Let that sink in.

With the influence and success of network marketing being on such a large scale, it’s almost impossible to have not run in to or engaged with one of the many types of network marketing, unknowingly or knowingly.
What makes networking marketing so good?

As always, I’m going to be completely honest with you so let’s start with the good. I’ve been in the industry for 15 years and I have learned a lot about how things work. The first companies I worked for was one of the top high-speed internet providers in Europe who decided to start a network marketing team which is where I got my freedom in the world of network marketing. Others like Avon, Amway, Herbalife are all legacy companies that, love them or hate them, continue to make millions a year.

Some of the biggest icons in business have been involved in network marketing like Richard Branson, who have seen the success and potential network marketing. So, while many people are dubious about many types of network marketing, it’s just a way of distributing products by referral that allows a normal, everyday person to create an extraordinary life.

Are all network marketing companies the same?

Of course, like all industries, the field of network marketing comes with good and bad companies. Are there scam companies? Yes, but what line of work doesn’t have its fair share of those trying to beat the system or acting in a misleading way? Unfortunately, a lot of companies have sold hype in a massive way and the idea of being able to make money fast for doing nothing is used their idea of how to convince someone to join network marketing. They are selling fresh air with no real product or service behind the brand.

Typically, they will promise fast cash that will never sustain. The owners make a lot of the people that join will lose. However, the company that I’m involved in has a product that you can see, I have the pleasure of staying at the Hard Rock resort and you can see this. Sometimes people freak out at the word multi-level marketing, well here’s the thing, would you rather get paid on just your own effort and the efforts of multiple people from multiple levels? It’s about who you choose to work with and the energy you put in.

Network marketing is not a dirty word it’s just that many people are misinformed or choose to allow the bad companies to overshadow the genuine work and success stories that are a consistent part of most legit network marketing companies. What is a network marketing business? Well, it’s exactly what you make it. Find an amazing, supporting brand and join with the right focus to transform your life and others.

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